Maryum Siddiqui

frontend developer


I'm a software developer with a focus on javascript and front end technologies. I have a background in education & non-profit management and love creating things that benefit people.
I bring experience from my previous career working in teams, solving complex problems, and being a very effective communicator. I am a life-long student with a growth mindset and enjoy being challenged and learning new things. In my spare time, I love to spend time with my family, go camping (something I never thought I'd enjoy so much until I tried it!), and improving my latte pouring skills.


  • HTML5

  • CSS 3

  • Sass

  • Javascript

  • JQuery

  • React

  • Git

  • GitHub

  • Command Line

  • RESTful APIs

  • Firebase

  • Responsive Web Design


React / React Router along with functional hooks are used to create a book searching/ rating web application. Reviews are submitted, stored and displayed through Firebase Realtime Database. Upon search and submit, an Axios GET request to the GoogleBooks API endpoint returns an object that is used to then render a list of books, each that can be further expanded to render more info via a popup modal.

Implements React hooks such as useState, useEffect, useRef, and useContext to create a fun app to test the users typing speed. UseState and useEffect are used alongside vanilla javascript in order to capture how many words are typed as setTimeout counts down the seconds. A light/dark mode is created with useContext and useRef brings the textbox into focus once the game starts. A future update to this app would be to check accuracy alongside time and allowing the user to change the countdown time.

Utilizes React with modern functional components and hooks such as useState & useEffect to dynamically render a to-do list, which uses useEffect to save to LocalStorage. Items on the list can be checked as completed or deleted and also be filtered to display items marked compeleted or uncompleted.

Utilizes React with functional components and hooks to injects various states into functional components to dynamically render a version of the dice game, Tenzies. Roll the "dice" and win when once all die values match. Users "hold" the state/value of the die and are able to add scores to the Leaderboard, which is saved to LocalStorage.

Implements the OpenWeatherMap API and React framework to render current weather conditions when user searches by city. Inside useEffect, Axios accesses the API and automatically parses the data from JSON into a JS object, which is used to set the current weather state using the useState hook.

This web app pulls from the Documenu API to first search your local by area code and then sends another API request to retrieve the restaurant's menu items.

Applies Javascript ES6 class syntax to create new book objects. Users input book details such as title, author, read status and rating. The book object is pushed to an array and dynamically displayed on the DOM through vanilla JS. The data is saved to local storage and retrieved and set on refresh of the page.

This Vanilla JS app lets users type in their favorite movie and pulls from an API to receive a short summary and movie production details. An open source library, autoComplete.JS, was used to implement an autocomplete search feature.

Utilizes React and Tailwind CSS to create a minimalistic, clean business landing page. The website is mobile-first and fully responsive.

Vanilla JS was used to make this classic rock, paper, scissors game more interactive. Player battles the computer in a best of five rounds battle royale.


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